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CF ExtenderCard™

CompactFlash Extender Card

Like its popular big brother the PC ExtenderCard, the CF ExtenderCard is designed with similar features providing engineering, manufacturing, and quality control personnel the flexibility they need in designing and troubleshooting CompactFlash Cards. The CF ExtenderCard plugs into the host's CF Type I or II socket and will accept either CF Type I or II cards in its 50-pin socket. It also features a 68-pin socket to accept Accurite's  PC ReportCard™. It can also be used as an adapter that accepts all PCMCIA form factors (Type I, II, or III) with a CF card device. To overcome any power related problems due to the host device, each CF ExtenderCard is shipped with an AC adapter to supply power to the CF card being tested or to the PCMCIA card plugged into the 68-pin socket. 

CF ExtenderCard Features

  • Four layer PCB with extensive grounding
    • Minimizes noise
    • Maximizes signal integrity
  • Extended length gives adequate clearance for most CF Card sockets with ejector buttons
  • Clearly labeled mnemonic test points are provided for each of the 50 bus pins
  • 16 DIP switches break the connection of key signals to aid problem isolation
  • Built-in push button switches simulate removal and reinsertion of a CF Card (ie, hotswapping), while prolonging the life of the computer's CF Card slot
  • A 68-pin socket allows direct access for logic analyzers or the PC ReportCard™
  • Provides either host supplied Vcc or regulated Vcc (either +3.3 volts or +5 volts) when used with the supplied AC adapter.

To troubleshoot and debug CF Cards and Host Systems take a look at our PC Card Debug software.

Hardware and Software Development Services

Accurite also provides custom hardware and software development services to expedite development efforts in bringing PCMCIA, Cardbus, Express Card, PCI, CompactFlash, Secure Digital, USB, Blue Tooth, 802.11 and security products to market, or to otherwise supplement customer engineering resources.   Software development services such as device driver, application program, manufacturing test program, and product debug software are available for a variety of platforms which include, but are not limited to, Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, CE, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.  Contact Accurite for a project quotation at:

Tel: (408) 395-7100

Fax: (408) 395-7119




Purchase Online - CF ExtenderCard & Options

Item Part Number Price Click to add to your cart
CF ExtenderCard™,
120 Volt AC adapter
700191 $329.00

CF ExtenderCard™,
230 Volt AC adapter
700192 $329.00

CF ExtenderCard/ReportCard Kit
120 Volt AC adapter
700193 $519.00

CF ExtenderCard/ReportCard Kit
230 Volt AC adapter
700194 $519.00

Spare 120 volt AC Adapter

700179 $ 19.95

Spare 120/230 volt AC Adapter

700180 $ 29.95

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