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Accurite Technologies Inc., headquartered in Los Gatos, California, is a leading manufacturer of floppy drive alignment and diagnostic products, as well as an innovator in PCMCIA developer's tools and peripheral controller products. Founded in February 1990, Accurite's extensive experience also includes its previous 14 year history as a division of Dysan Corporation coupled with a continuity in personnel actively involved in the computer industry. Accurite's customers include major drive manufacturers, computer system integrators and manufacturers, computer service organizations, as well as numerous dealers and distributors worldwide.


PCMCIA and USB Products

Accurite's PCMCIA development and diagnostic tools are used to facilitate engineering development and manufacturing quality control, and to ensure PCMCIA interface compatibility with established industry standards. Accurite also offers external PCMCIA and USB storage devices ideally suited for the mobile computing environment, to conveniently satisfy file transfer and backup needs.

Accurite's current PCMCIA and USB product line includes:

    HeadstartCard™ Developer's Kit

    • Only PCMCIA developer's board offering complete PCMCIA interface design and custom applications area, in a type II form factor card.
    • Includes board, frame and covers, cable, schematic and PCB layout documentation, as well as component specifications, time-saving software utilities and other PCMCIA reference materials.
    • Since the board can be packaged with covers as a finished product, it is equally useful for PCMCIA development as well as for building small volume runs for unique applications.

    PC ExtenderCard™

    • PCMCIA extender board, including test points for each of the 68 pins on the board, DIP switches for isolating problems with key signals to the PC Card, fused power sources, and a second socket for accepting option boards such as the PC ReportCard.
    • Applications include PC Card development, manufacturing and quality control, as well as anywhere there is a need to protect the PCMCIA socket connectors from wear due to constant insertion and removal of PC Cards.

    PC ReportCard™

    • Only PCMCIA diagnostic PC Card for ready monitoring of PC Card activity including I/O and Memory access cycles via a series of LEDs.
    • Features a general purpose logic probe useful in analyzing individual bus signals or other miscellaneous signals on the PC Card.
    • Includes an external trigger signal for ready connection to an oscilloscope or logic analyzer.
    • Applications include PC Card design and development as well as debugging of PC Cards during the manufacturing process.

    Travel Floppy™

    • Only external 3.5" PCMCIA floppy disk drive subsystem optimum for use with a wide variety of DOS compatible palmtop and subnotebook computers found in a mobile computing environment.
    • Includes slim line 1.44 Mb drive in a durable and attractive case, Type II PCMCIA floppy controller card and cable to interface to computer, AC power adapter (only required for a few very low power systems) and software utilities.

    DoubleSlot™ for the HP Palmtop

    • First PC Card Expansion product allowing the connection of two PC Card devices simultaneously to the HP Palmtop, including not only Type I and II PC Cards, but also Type III PC Cards.
    • Allows HP Palmtop users greater product versatility by being able to supplement power to power hungry devices with the Palmtop with an external AC Adapter.

Travel 120™

  • First 3.5" external PCMCIA slimline 120 MB drive compatible with the many notebooks, subnotebook and handheld systems running Windows 2000, 98, 95, 3.X, NT, CE and DOS.
  • Compatible with 3.5" 120 Mb SuperDisk™ as well as standard 3.5" 1.44 Mb and 720Kb diskettes.
  • Includes 12.7 mm LS-120™ drive encased in a very light and compact plastic enclosure, long and flexible cable with type II ATAPI compatible PC Card, optional AC Adapter and Auto Lighter Adapter for those notebooks requiring external power supplementation, as well as software drivers and utilities.

Travel HD™ PCMCIA or Travel HD™USB

  • First 2.5" external PCMCIA hard drive compatible with a wide variety of notebook, subnotebook, and handheld PC systems running Windows 2000, 98, 95, 3.X, NT, CE and DOS.
  • Compatible also with high end digital cameras that accept Type II PC cards for memory storage.
  • Offered in a number of storage capacities, the Travel HD is the only 2.5" external hard drive optionally available with an internal rechargeable battery pack.
  • Uniquely small and light in weight, yet ruggedly designed with shock absorbers to withstand the rigors of the mobile environment, the Travel HD has passed standard vibration, shock and drop tests performed in an independent certified laboratory.
  • Also available in a USB model and compatible with the many notebook, subnotebook, and handheld PC computers running Windows 2000 and 98.
  • Includes the latest 2.5" slimline hard drive encased in a very light and compact plastic enclosure, long and flexible cable with Type II ATAPI compatible PC Card (or USB cable for USB model), optional AC Adapter, Auto Lighter Adapter, or internal rechargeable battery for those notebooks requiring external power supplementation, as well as software drivers and utilities.

Floppy Drive Diagnostics

Accurite's floppy drive diagnostic products are used to maintain established industry standards for floppy drive alignment, ensuring compatibility and interchange of data between users of floppy disk drives in various systems throughout the world.

Accurite's current drive diagnostics product line includes:

    Analog Alignment Diskettes (AAD™)

    • The traditional floppy drive tool used to adjust the drive's read/write heads and sensors to an industry standard.
    • Used with an oscilloscope to read the analog signals which result when using the diskettes in order to determine the drive's alignment characteristics.

    Digital Diagnostic Diskettes (DDD™)

    • Computer-readable diagnostic diskette used to test drive performance and alignment characteristics, when used with appropriate software.
    • Requires no additional test equipment.

    High Resolution Diagnostic Diskettes (HRD™)

    • Computer-readable diagnostic diskette with high resolution measurement capability similar to that of the analog alignment diskette.
    • When used with the appropriate software, allows the product to be used for both diagnostics as well as drive alignment.
    • Requires no additional test equipment.

    Drive Probe®

    • Powerful, all-encompassing IBM PC-compatible software test kit which provides complete set of HRD diskettes for test, service and repair of various configurations of 3.5" and 5.25" floppy drives.
    • User friendly, menu-driven software supports real-time testing and reporting of drive alignment as well as read/write functions.

    Drive Probe Advanced Edition

    • Uniquely powerful, hardware/software kit which turns any PC with an ISA bus into a comprehensive and sophisticated test station for diagnosing and repairing PC compatible, Macintosh and software duplication drives and equipment.
    • Performs not only alignment testing but also, stringent read window margin and asymmetry testing for total floppy drive diagnostics and repair.
    • Includes complete set of HRD diskettes, Accurite proprietary floppy controller card, window margin/asymmetry module, external drive interface personality module and numerous drive interface and power cables.

    Certifier Reference Diskettes (CRD™)

    • Floppy reference media used to calibrate electrical characteristics of equipment used for testing floppy media certifiers and read/write heads.


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